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      My characteristic is to be uncharacteristic. Art & Design student.        

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hi, i just want to say i like your stuff, where are u from? nice blog btw : )

Hey, thank you! Now I have more time because of Wolrd Cup so… maybe i’ll edit some pics/gifs! And i’m from Brazil (I really wasn’t in a good mood because of the World Cup and stuff but now i’m used to it and I see no reason to take revenge at this moment u know)… and that’s it

(quase) uheuehueheuehe esta página tem themes lindoooos oswwin(.)tumblr(.)com(/)mccall dê uma olhada! obg pelo rate ♥

ah eu vou olhar! *-* demorei pra responder mas agora finalmente tenho tempo! (graças a Copa)

i'm changing my icon quite often so haha i'll have Tom again soon :3 when i see some nice picture of Tomi ^^

sorry Samy!!!! i saw your msg but i forgot to answer @_@ ._. holy fuck D: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know e.e i’ll wait for it then x3

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